Mindful Planner

52-Week Planner (4th Edition)

Celebrations with friends, hugs from loved ones, the freedom to travel, feast, and live with wild abandon… There’s no denying it: hope is on the horizon. So, this year, give yourself over to reclaiming joy, and let mindful guide you on your journey. Beautifully illustrated, this 200-page special edition soft-cover planner is designed to invite intention, mindfulness, and joy into your daily life. The perfect gift of care for yourself or a loved one, mindful will encourage you to:
  • Set your joy intentions
  • Build your A-team
  • Revel in your body
  • Draw inspiration from nature
  • Explore new horizons
  • Become delightfully (un)disciplined
  • Dive back into the joy of living
mindful planner is undated, so you can start shaping your future anytime you like. 
Planner size: 19 x 24.5 cm

Single Issue:
Mindful Planner 52-Week Planner (4th Edition)


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